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Worldwide Jobs

  John is a 42 year old freelance translator from San Fransico. Right now he lives on a 38 foot sailboat in Mexico. He speaks English, but his grandmother on his mother’s side was from Spain. Although he can’t speak

Choose Your Hours

As a freelance translator… you could very well have clients on the other side of the globe. So they’re working…while you are snoozing. No worries. You’ll be working towards a deadline …that they set. Are you a night owl? Do

Get Paid

One of the easiest parts of Freelance Translating… is getting paid for your work. IF… you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter where you live…or where your client is located either. Here are the first steps to take…  

My Story

My Story

Ben Walker here…let me tell you about MY First REAL Translation Job… I casually tossed the map…with my corrections…on his desk….I watched his face as he scanned it from top to bottom…and shook his head in disbelief. Boldly circled in

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Gracias Ben!

I have been a tourist guide to Cuzco for 15 years. Now I earn a lot of extra money by translating documents for other tour companies in my spare time.

Esteban B. - Lima, Perú Tour Guide & Professional Translator

I Bought My First House Today

I am a student. I found my niche quickly in website translations....I work at night and have raised my prices twice already...

Aryama R. - Delhi Student

Easy Extra Money

I thought it would be harder. Within a few days I got my first job from a company in Brazil. Thanks! Ben

Abilio Carlvaho, New York Taxi Driver