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[Quick Fact: According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the job opportunity growth for translators will be 4 times more than other industries from 2014-2024.]

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Before you get started…I  need to share with you a 5 important rules


Important Rule #1

Remember…a professional translator ONLY translates FROM a foreign language

…INTO her native tongue.

…NEVER the other way around.

For example…

If you grew up speaking, reading and writing Italian…

but you learned to read French in school…

You would translate from French (source language) INTO Italian (target language).

Make sense?

I started by translating basic Spanish INTO excellent English.

[You can read my story when you get a chance.]


Important Rule #2

You have probably figured out by now that you don’t need to be fluent in a second language.

In fact…you don’t need to SPEAK, or WRITE a foreign language.

You only need to be able to READ another language at the 6-8 grade level.

Are you catching on to why this is such a lucrative field of work?

A lot of translators take a few months to learn to READ a third, fourth, or even fifth language

…just so they can INCREASE EARNINGS.

[Quick fact: The HIGHEST PAID freelancer translators are earning well over $100,000 dollars per year.]


Roy didn’t know it then, but his father’s transfer to China

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