One of the easiest parts of Freelance Translating… is getting paid for your work.

IF… you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter where you live…or where

your client is located either. Here are the first steps to take…


A Bank Account

If you don’t have one yet

you need to get a bank account.

Be sure to get a DEBIT card for withdrawals

from ATMs.

In most countries this is fairly easy.

and  you can start with a PERSONAL account

…instead of a BUSINESS account.

(Check with a lawyer/accountant/banker)

You will need this to receive  electronic deposits


from you clients around the world.

How it Works (Simplified)

Companies – your clients- will offer you a certain amount of money

usually per word

to translate (or proof read) a document.

They give you a deadline.

You accept or decline the job.

When you turn in the project

they deposit the money.

See if it is Right for You!

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