The Pomodoro Technique

Avoid Burnout…Use This Trick!

As Freelance Translators we spend hours upon hours staring at a computer screen.

This little trick can help keep you at peak performance. It’s really simple too.

How It Works

It’s a revolutionary productivity “hack” that allows you to get more done and stay focused for longer.

For every project you’re working on each day, you have to budget your time into short increments and take breaks periodically.

Work for 25 minutes…then take a 5 minute break.

Each 25 minute work period is called a “pomodoro” after the Italian word for tomato.

Who is Francisco Cirillo?

The story goes that in the 1990’s an author, entrepreneur and developer – Francisco Cirillo – used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer to come up with a simple formula for time management.

His idea was to break the work day into small bite-sized units of time. Finishing a project without burning out was his goal.

How Does it Work?

But it is really simple and easy to implement.

After working 4 “pomodoros”, or 100 minutes with 15 minutes of break time, you now take a 15-30 minute break.

If you have a distracting thought while you are working, write it down and immediately get back to work.

Why Freelance Translators Need It

This is imperative for the freelance translator.

With looming deadlines hanging over our heads and no time-clock to punch, we often work for hours on end without a break.

A lot of people use this technique and I thought it would be helpful to you, as it has been to me.

The frequent breaks help keep your mind fresh and focused.

Try it! You’ll be amazed at how much more work you are able to get done.

Of course, the more productive you are in a day, the more you get PAID.

After all, our goal here is to make you a well paid Professional Freelance Translator.

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